Water Table

The Water table is where you will educate participants in regards to the benefits of water. Do not underestimate the importance of this station. This station can be run with one or two persons, depending upon your staffing situation.

Responsibilities include calculating the amount of water that each participant needs to drink each day (the supplies & instructions file will guide you through how to calculate that data) and recording that information on the back of the participant’s Health Fair Booklet.

Also, the staff member manning the water table will give “dry run” examples of a couple simple hydrotherapy treatments so that participants can be exposed to the beneficial uses of external water treatments (again, information for this is found in the instruction files to the left). You may choose to print the hydrotherapy instructions and pass them out to participants, or you may choose to only demonstrate the treatments and talk about their indications (when you would use it), benefits, and cautions (when you would not use it). You may choose to do the hydrotherapy demonstrations individually, or you may choose to draw a small crowd around your table and demonstrate the treatments to the crowd. The latter method allows you to be more efficient, not having to repeat yourself as often.

Finally, this is where free water samples are handed out to participants as they come through. This can be in the form of bottled water or a larger water source with cups available.

Remember to be friendly, smile, and engage your audience. Have fun with it, and they will have fun with you.

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