How about you? Do you exercise on a regular basis? Would you classify yourself as active or inactive? Are you more likely to avoid activity (parking as close as you can when you go to the store, driving one block to the corner market to pick up some food), or are you someone who looks for ways to be active (ride your bicycle to work, go on a brisk walk during your lunch break, etc.)?

Do you want to lose weight? How about treat your diabetes? Do you have high blood pressure and want to keep it controlled? How about your weight? Do you always have problems battling the bulge? Are you always tired? Do you have trouble sleeping at night? What about thinking clearly? Why not exercise regularly. There are a lot of benefits to regular exercise, whether it be cardiovascular or resistance exercises, and some good research showing how beneficial it is in treating various chronic diseases.

You are welcome to check out the links on the right, giving you information on various aspects of exercise and the benefits you can expect. This part of the web site is in construction, so we will periodically be upgrading the information. Feel free to use what is helpful for you. Some of the material is simply “linked” to the original source, and may be covered by copyright law.

One aspect that is vitally important is to bring your resolution to God, and ask Him to help you be faithful in exercise. He will give you the power to accomplish what you put your mind to do. A lot of times it helps, as well, to get an exercise partner to keep you accountable. Regardless of what you do, doing more than you are doing now will give you added health benefits. The more you do, the more benefit you get, so put everything you’ve got into your health, for it will impact your mood, your mind, and your soul.