Registration Table

The Registration table is where you will initially interact with the health fair participants, and this is where they will be making their first impressions. So this station is very important. You want individuals who are particularly friendly, welcoming, and helpful at this station. This station can be run as a single unit or as two closely-connected stations.

Depending upon the number of assistants you have for the health fair, one individual can be in charge of greeting participants and handing them their Health Fair Booklets. One individual can be in charge of filling out the Registration Form with the demographic and contact information of each participant. And one or two individuals can be in charge of gathering the biometric data (weight, height, age, etc.) and recording it on the back of the Health Fair Booklet. If you are short of staff, you can double up responsibilities as needed. The one who is recording the biometric data needs to be able to operate the biometric scale from the ground, so they will need to be flexible.

You will need to have a biometric scale (the picture of the one we use, and which you can borrow from us through the H.E.A.L.T.H. by the Book Lending Library is shown above), and the other materials printed out, as well as a table or a couple tables depending upon how you set it up (See Health Fair Setup on the Health Fair Planning page for an example).

Remember to be friendly, anticipate the participants questions and needs, and by all means ask for help if you need it. Ultimately, if you enjoy yourself, others will as well.