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The main point of the Exercise station is to reveal to participants what their fitness level is and to interest them in a regular exercise routine. The fitness level is discovered using the Harvard 3-minute step test. The participants are instructed (see the the Supplies & Instructions form to the left) how to do the test, and the staff member guides the participants through the process, encouraging them along the way. To make this table more time efficient, it may be beneficial to several steps at one time, or to construct long steps that multiple persons can use at one time.

Start by warning that participants that if they develop any chest pain or other serious pains to stop the activity immediately. Then inform them that they need to step up onto the 8-9 inch step about once every 2 seconds for the duration of the 3 minutes. The staff member will need to time them for 3 minutes, and then after they stop, they are to rest for 30 seconds. After resting 30 seconds, the staff member is to measure their pulse for 30 seconds. The chart on the 3 Minute Step Test Instructions form will guide you as to what the participant’s fitness level is (this is dependent upon sex, age, and number of pulsations (heart rate) for 30 seconds. The appropriate fitness level is then entered on the back of the participant’s Health Fair Booklet.

The staff member should engage the participants in the benefits of exercise and encourage them to get into a regular fitness routine on their own or with a partner.

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