Sufficient Rest Table

The Sufficient Rest table is where you will present to participants the health benefits of sleep / adequate rest, and what constitutes adequate rest. You should be sure to discuss difficulties in getting to beg on time and getting sufficient sleep, and help the individuals with ideas or suggestions about how they can schedule their time more efficiently so that they can get sufficient rest.

Also, you will be measuring blood pressures at this station. Depending upon your staffing, you may decide to have only one individual measuring blood pressures, or you may wish to have two at a time. Obviously, two would give you greater efficiency.

Make sure the participant is relaxed, seated in a comfortable position, and the blood pressure cuff is against the bare skin of the arm at heart level. Remind the participant to relax while the blood pressure is taken. Make sure to avoid taking the blood pressure on the arm of an individual who has had a breast and lymph nodes removed on that side or who has a dialysis fistula (the participant will know and will likely tell you not to take their blood pressure on that side) on that side. Record the results on their Health Fair Booklet, smile, and be friendly.

It is best to have a nurse or nurse aide who is comfortable with measuring blood pressures man this station. If any participants are identified who have elevated blood pressures (140/90 or greater) they should be referred to a physician (either one with you at the health fair or their private physician or the local health clinic).

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