Cooking School

A cooking school is a wonderful way to engage an audience, interest them in lifestyle change, and give them tools to make that change. In our experience, the greatest barrier to changing one’s diet is knowing how to do so. It is one thing to tell an audience that they would do best eating a certain way, but it is entirely a different thing to show them how to cook that way. You see eyes light up and people get excited about diet change at cooking schools, and in our experience it is one of the best ways to help individuals actually change their dietary habits.

Below we have listed the different documents that can help you with conducting a cooking school. We would suggest that you start with Cooking School Guidelines, as this gives you the underlying information that you need in conducting a cooking school. All information can be freely shared with participants. We just ask that you do not sell the materials. “Freely ye have received, freely give.” Matthew 10:8