Current Services that we offer in Trinidad:

1. Lectures

Presentations upon health, medical missionary work, family life, and spirituality can be given as needed. We can present a single subject, or a series of lectures, either on the same day/same weekend, or for a series over a longer period of time. Saturday (Sabbath) is reserved for sermons/preaching, rather than more educational presentations.

2. Cooking Schools

We teach individuals/groups how to transition to a plant-based diet that will provide maximal health benefits. Many times, when individuals learn about the health benefits of a plant-based diet, they want to make the transition, but they don’t know how to go about doing it. Our cooking schools are designed to help in that transition. Various recipes are demonstrated live (it is best if the cooking schools are hosted at a location that has a stove/oven, as well as running water/sink), while the participants interact with the demonstrators. The recipes demonstrated are either prepared on site, or catered, and a meal including all the items demonstrated is shared amongst all the participants.

We can do ½-day or full-day demonstrations, and can do demonstrations over a couple days/weekends if desired. Participants are given all recipes demonstrated. We do accept donations to help cover the costs associated with the cooking schools, and cookbooks, health products, and health literature is usually available for sale.

3. Health Fairs

Health fairs are 1-day events designed to raise the awareness in your community of healthful living as well as to assess further health education needs in your area. Health fairs are based upon the WELLNESS model (Water, Exercise, Live Temperately, Lots of Fresh Air, Nutrition, Entire Trust in God, Sunshine, and Sufficient Rest). Eight stations with information, handouts, tests, and activities are set up (one for each topic), with participants getting their height, weight, body mass index, body fat%, blood sugar, blood pressure, and cholesterol measured. Participants can meet with counselors, get nutrition/lifestyle advice, learn about their computer health age, and walk away with lots of free handouts and information as well as some books when available.

If you are interested in conducting these health fairs yourself in your own church/community, we would be glad to assist you with education and materials. Just contact us and we will assist you.

4. Sermons/Preaching

We approach health and lifestyle from a spiritual perspective and show the connections between the physical and the spiritual. Sermons are primarily Scripture-based with a focus upon the Christian’s responsibility to God for their health.

5. Free Lifestyle Information

We provide free health resources to anyone in need of them. Most of our resources can be found on our website. Just go to our Resources Page, and you can find various resources available. If you need information in hard copy, please contact us and we will mail you the resources.

6. Lending Library

We offer a library of books & DVD’s that can be borrowed for your convenience. Topics include Christian Living, Prophecy, Marriage & Family, Children’s Books/Programming, Nature, and Health & Wellness. Books can be checked out for 2 weeks at a time, and DVD’s for 1 week at a time. We ask that they be handled carefully and returned on time so that others can benefit from the same resources. For a list of available books/DVD’s, please contact us.

7. In-Home Lifestyle Coaching

We also offer in-home lifestyle coaching and simple, natural remedies. If you have particular health needs, we can assess those needs and provide specific health advice for maximal healing.

If you have other services that you would like provided, please contact us and let us know. We’ll try to assist in whatever you need.