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The Lots of Fresh Air table is where you will discuss a very important topic. Fresh air is vital to good health, and many individuals are increasingly limiting their supply of fresh air. Air conditioned houses with windows and doors closed, air conditioned cars with windows up, and air conditioned offices with windows and doors closed and curtains drawn are killing our supply of fresh air. Many people don’t realize that air which is re-circulated and re-breathed is more polluted than city smog. But, of course, the most polluted air is breathing the toxic fumes of cigarettes.

At this station, we have a chance to interact with individuals in a meaningful way in regards to their air, their smoking habits, their lung function, and their prayer life.

Discuss with the participants the health benefits of healthy air, and encourage them to remain with the windows open. Ask them directly whether they or someone they love smokes, and talk with them about the benefits of quitting and give them some stop smoking handouts. Remind them that prayer is “the breath of the soul,” and just as we would die without breathing, so our spirit dies without prayer. Then test their lung function.

For the peak flow test, you will need a peak flow meter (which may be available through a medical supply store or Community Hospital chaplaincy department). Follow the instructions on the Supplies & Instructions form. If you cannot locate a peak flow meter, what you can do is purchase balloons and have the participants attempt to blow up a balloon. This can give you a very rough estimate of their lung function, and gives them a challenge at your table.

Talk about deep breathing exercises that they can do (breathe in for a slow count of 4, hold for a count of 5, then breathe out for a slow count of 4, and hold for a count of 5, then repeat 30-40 times a couple times daily).

Keep it interesting and fun, but be serious when it comes to stopping smoking. Drive the point home, in love, that they need to quit for their and their loved-one’s good.

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