Diabetes 4

In the last 3 nuggets, we have explored diabetes and the WELLNESS treatments of water, exercise, live temperately, lots of fresh air, and nutrition. Today we are going to look at entire trust in God, sunshine and sufficient rest.

Entire Trust in God - I firmly believe that no real change is sustainable without the help of God. He is the self control that you and I lack. We may make a few changes here or there, or make a large turn around in our lifestyle for a time, but it won’t last without a trusting relationship with God. What a blessing it is to know that we have a loving God who is willing to take us where we are and bring us back to healing as we cooperate with Him in obedience to His laws of health. It is a team effort. We do what is in our power to do (obeying His laws of health), and He does what we cannot do (He heals us). So spend time daily with God.

Sunshine - Sunshine helps diabetes in many ways. One of those ways is vitamin D. Research has shown that those with normal vitamin D levels are less likely to develop diabetes and have better blood sugar control than those with low vitamin D levels. Lightskinned individuals need 15-minutes and dark-skinned individuals need 30-minutes of sunshine on the hands and face daily for adequate vitamin D production. Get outside when your shadow is not longer than you are tall. Remember, however, to be temperate in your sunshine exposure.

Sufficient Rest - Vital to proper healing and wellness is rest. Rest doesn’t just mean sleep, but sleep can be a major part of it. Adults need 7-9 hours of sleep nightly, children and teenagers need more with infants needing 12 hours or more. Healing, growth, repair and rejuvenation occur during sleep. Important biorhythmic cycles, as well as healing processes, are dependent upon proper regularity in sleep. Rest also includes peace, that internal sensation of calm and assurance, regardless of what chaos is occurring around us. Peace is found in an obedient relationship with God , understanding that He is in control, that I am doing what He wants me to, and that He is in control of all that is going on and will take care of my needs and concerns.

If you are taking diabetes medications, work closely with your physician as you make these changes, so you can avoid dangerous low blood sugar levels. You will need to monitor your blood sugars closely and decrease your medications accordingly.

God bless you abundantly as you learn to live God’s WELLNESS way.