Tension Relievers

In trusting in God continually there is safety; there will not be a constant fear of future evil. This borrowed care and anxiety will cease. We have a heavenly Father who careth for His children, and will and does make His grace sufficient in every time of need.

2T 72

  1. Talk to God about it. Don’t bottle things up. Confide your worries to someone you can trust. Talking it out helps to relieve your strain, helps you to see your worries in a clearer light, and often helps you to see what you can do about it.
  2. Escape for a while. When things go wrong, don’t just stand there and suffer. It’s not a way to solve the problem. Take a walk, talk to God as you walk, look at the things of nature that show you His wonderful love for you and His mighty power to help you. Then deal with the difficulty when you have peace and God’s help.
  3. Work off anger. Feeling anger will only destroy YOU. It dishonors God and will not solve anything. It will make you feel foolish in the end and cause you to feel sorry. Instead of lashing out, pitch into some physical activity like gardening, cleaning, or some do-it-yourself project. Then, when you return to address the problem you will find that it is with a different attitude and clear mind.
  4. Give in occasionally. If, because of disagreement with an individual, you are under stress, stand your ground on matters of conscience, but do so calmly. When you think you are right in matters outside conscience, it’s easier on your system to give in once in a while. If you yield, you’ll usually find that others will too.
  5. Do something for others. Instead of worrying about yourself, try doing something for somebody else. You’ll find that it will take the steam out of your own worries and give you a fine feeling of having done well.
  6. Take one thing at a time. An ordinary work load can sometimes seem unbearable. Remember that it’s a temporary condition and you can work your way out of it one task at a time. Tackle the most urgent task setting aside all the rest. Once you dispose of that one begin the next. Eat the elephant one bite at a time. You’ll see that the remainder is not such a “horrible mess” after all.
  7. Shun the “Superman” urge. Some people expect too much from themselves and are constantly stressed by thinking they are not achieving as much as they should. Evaluate your expectations and set realistic goals. Ask for discernment what God is asking you to do, what others are asking you to do, and what you are putting on yourself. When you know you are overloaded, just say, “NO”. Christians are called to life a life of self denial and are called upon at times to “go the second mile” but you may be sure if it is ALL the time, it is a demand that you or others are making, and not God. List the importance-the values- of your responsibilities 1-10 and concentrate on the top numbers. God will show you if you ask.
  8. Eliminate criticism. Expecting too much of others can leave you feeling frustrated and disappointed. Each person has his or her own virtues, shortcomings, values, and right to develop as an individual. Instead of being critical about another person’s behavior, search out the good points and help him or her to develop them.
  9. Give the other fellow a break. Esteem him better than yourself. Cooperation is contagious, when you build up another person, you very often make things easier for yourself.
  10. Make yourself available. Many of us feel that we are being left out, slighted, neglected, or rejected. Often we just imagine that other people feel this way about us, when in reality they are eager for us to make the first move. Instead of shrinking away and withdrawing, make some of the overtures. Don’t always wait to be asked.